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The Effects of Gratitude on Your State of Mind

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2020


Here are some reflections on what science has to say about gratitude, which has been called the “forgotten factor” in happiness research.
By drs. Blair & Rita Justice

Psychologists Robert Emmons at the University of California at Davis, and Michael McCullough, at the University of Miami, are foremost researchers in field of gratitude. What they have learned so far is that gratitude is good for you, really good for you.

In an experimental comparison, people who kept gratitude journals on a weekly basis exercised more regularly, reported fewer physical symptoms, felt better about their lives as a whole, and were more optimistic about the upcoming week compared to those who recorded hassles or neutral life events (Emmons & McCullough, 2003). It doesn’t end there.

Participants who kept gratitude lists were more likely to have made progress toward important personal goals (academic, interpersonal and health-based). And there’s more. Young adults who...
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She amazingly pulled off the incredible feat

Uncategorized Aug 03, 2020

The long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad took close to 53 hours non-stop to swim the 103 miles between Cuba and the Florida Keys, becoming the first ever to do so without a shark cage and at the young age of 64 years old.
Sharks and jellyfish are no match for sheer determination.

Diana Nyad has had attempt this journey several times in the past.
Her first attempted for this swim was in 1978 in a shark cage.

In 2011 she attempted the swim twice with no shark cage, but had to stop because of shoulder pain the first time, and jellyfish stings on the second.
Her last unsuccessful attempt ended in August 2012.

This time, Nyad does not swim in a protective cage, so she has no real defense against aggressive sharks or, the more likely threat, jellyfish - which have stopped her in the past by inflicting so many stings that she simply couldn't continue.

Surely Nyad had to realize that she would face the same danger this time, but she didn't let that stop her. A special silicone mask is designed to...

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What a 'Pressure Washing Experience' taught me about Yoga & Life

Uncategorized Jul 11, 2020


Earlier this past week, I found myself embracing in the 'duty' of giving a 'face lift' to the steps and porch leading to our Yoga Studio through the magic of pressure washing.
Wow... what a precious time I found myself in!

I started 'the job' right after guiding a very precious group of students on our morning 'exploring our bodies yoga flow' needless to say, I was already in a high. Plus happy to be around (and many times enveloped in) all that delicious water in a day when the outdoor temperature was around 89F.
Patiently I began to watch the tired green mold from the long gone winter and last transformed spring move away and disappear through the fierce jets of water leaving behind the happy and bright wood face from underneath it. As the jet kept on uncovering that true wood essence, I observe in myself, how many times I needed a good and committed push to uncover my own self from the many debris I had acquire with time.

The cool thing about this process was that the...
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Uncategorized Jul 06, 2020


"There are parts of ourselves we try to hide because somewhere along the way, we created the idea that we are alone in our flaws"
                                                                                            ~ a beautiful post by Liz Arch 

We flip through magazines and see gorgeous models with perfect bodies, then we look in the mirror and feel less than. The photo above shows much more than I would ever normally feel comfortable displaying, but I share it today with the hope
 that we can stop comparing ourselves to others and start loving ourselves for the
 beautifully flawed masterpieces that we truly are.

A photographer once told me that even the models on magazine covers wish they looked like their own...
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Stable & Flexible

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2019


I would like to share here a perspective I had in nature which I feel will give great insights to you as well. It has served many of my students with whom I passed this on to. I trust your life will be enriched when these insights are applied.

Recently, I was standing underneath a garland of very tall and majestic trees on the core of the winter season. As I looked up onto their bare canopies I noticed the amazing designs they were tracing on the fore front of this midday blue sky. 
As I kept on observing, a strong wind blew by and the tall trees, strong on their own being, performed this incredible dance where flexibility and grace were mesmerizing me.
Can you sense the moment? …I personally can relive it every time I share this.

It was at that moment when I brought back into my awareness two beautiful words which I learned through my studies of the Yoga Sutras, the 2 words are: Sthira & Sukha* , which can be translated as steadiness and ease or on this example...

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