'You are a Sacred Place'

May the Light that YOU ARE shine bright within,
around and beyond!


When we can free ourselves from the idea of separateness, we have compassion, we have understanding, and we have the energy we need to support and be supported.
~Thich Nhat Hanh

Lydie Ometto, e-500RYT, sees Yoga as her passion. She is certified in Integrative Yoga Therapy, a Reiki Master, a Guided Energy Medicine Practitioner, an Integrative Mentor & Coach. Her background, as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist (BR), Energyworker, and Breathworker, inspires and empowers her teaching, her mentoring, trainings, group & individual sessions, retreats, and ceremonies.

Lydie is the founder/director of InnerSeaYoga Teacher Training Programs & Awakened Vitality Mentoring/Coaching. Her love of nature and overall Divine creation infuses every and each step of her offerings.

As a wisdom keeper, she leads international yoga, healing and transformational retreats, plus Yoga & Wellness Mentoring programs. She is constantly deepening her studies in life, wellness, holistic living, women’s health, transitional periods, and joyful awakening, while reminding others to trust in their own powerful light.

Lydie Ometto is the author of 'The Top 10 Mudras' & contributing author on 'Awakening the Divine Feminine: 18 Stories of Healing, Inspiration, & Empowerment'

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