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Live in-person & virtual playshops, trainings, certifications,
talks to support YOUR healthy living through the art of Yoga,
Breathwork, Energy awareness,
and a variety of Life's wisdom ways.

'The Art of Living  TAO Experience'

4 Days Immersion within self.
'Take the deep dive'!
October 12-15, 2023 Live in person

The Art of Living Deep Dive will guide you to bust through the barriers and limiting beliefs which are preventing you from the success and fulfillment you know you desire and deserve.

You will have GREAT support to:

* Transform your insecurities into confidence
* Learn to LOVE Yourself deep enough to say 'No' more often, and 'yesses' which support you wholly.
* Get off the 'doubts-fence' and Claim your Voice/Life.
* Heal & Resolve old wounds & traumas, so you no longer repeat old patterns.
* And so much more...

The world you desire is real, it is possible... LEARN MORE

Cacao Gathering/Ceremony ~ Honoring the new Season!

FRIDAY OCTOBER 6th, 2023  6:00 - 7:30pm EST

Cacao is one of the Doorways to Inner Transformation, since cacao is a powerful catalyst for all types of inner work.
In our Cacao Ceremony, the flows are thoughtfully crafted to support healing & awareness of our creative selves.

When approached this way, the ceremony will offer you opportunities to cultivate self-love and a greater expansion of your consciousness.

On this particular gathering we will embrace together the arrival of the Autumn Season, new opportunities to harvest health, wellbeing and organize our inner selves to rejoice on all the changes!

On the 'know more' tab below you can read about health benefits of drinking ceremonial cacao, which goes beyond 'dark chocolate'.
*Join us with an open heart to sit with self, each other, and to receive, share & integrate the gifts from embracing presence.

This is a LIVE in-person Ceremony.
Breathe Yoga Center - 207 West Unaka Ave.
Johnson City - TN

'Donations are welcome and gratefully received'.
(suggested donation $25 cash) - you can share your donation at the ceremony 'live on site'.
**Please register so we know how much Cacao to prepare - thank you

Register here & see you then!

Refined By Fire
A Firewalking Experience

Experience a paradigm shift

Friday, Oct 13, 2023
4:30pm - 8:30ish pm

Fear is a powerful human emotion. I've found through my years of firewalking and teaching that fear can actually be
a great friend & teacher.

Register for the FireWalk

Creative Flow Yoga Practice
- All levels

Through the art of weaving body movements, guided relaxation, breathwork, mindfulness, and body postures, we explore the realms of life through the realms of the body.
*You will connect with your own flexibility, strength, relaxation, resilience, awareness, presence, joy and a wild state of inner peace.

Taught by Betsy, Jan, Lydie & Cathy 
~ Wednesdays 

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER schedule details below

Breathe Yoga Johnson City
207 West Unaka Ave.
**Reserve your space on the link, pay at studio or use your BreatheYoga card.

Ck Schedule n Reserve Your Space

Breathwork Live Ceremony Circles

 BREATH is an incredible and extremely effective way to bring healing to our systems.


Reflective Writing & Restorative Yoga 

Be on the lookout for our AUTUMN session of this delicious 'Special Class' 

Yoga and writing as wonderful tools for self-discovery and self-awareness.
Through the lens of self-inquiry, you become more connected with yourself, thus all your creative processes become more attuned, authentic and proficient.


Summer Class Details coming soon

Class & workshops will be guided by

Lydie Ometto

An Integrative Wellness Practitioner, a lifelong enthusiastic yoga therapist (c-iyt) and teacher (e-ryt500), an artist at heart, a creative physical & massage therapist, transformational wellness coach, breath worker and energy worker, and surely a lover in supporting people to live abundantly by seeing the unique beauty within themselves.

Lydie brings to her classes a mixture of classical Hatha and Integrative Yoga, with a creative knowledge on chakras, mudras, mantras, as well as an exquisite awareness on the expression of the asanas (postures). By weaving philosophy, life wisdom, meditation, guided relaxation and her love for Nature into the package, a total life realignment is experienced by her students, clients and anyone who connects to her sharing.

Guest teachers

All our wonderful upcoming guest instructors will be introduced here as their 'sharing' is on the schedule, so keep an eye on our schedule for updates.

** Is there anything in particular you desire to see on our 'scheduling page'?
Any theme to support you and yours to 'Live Healthy and Happy' please email me with your ideas ([email protected])

** All your amazing ideas will be 'taken to heart' and if your theme is chosen, you will receive a 'bonus coupon' for a complementary class.
As our gratitude to you.

'A Mandala for Your Life'
Yoga & Dolphins RETREAT
July 9 - 15, 2023

By connecting to the uniqueness of YOUR Energetic Field, Your Love, the Flows of Yoga, and the Sentient Support from the wild Dolphins... a new world of amazing possibilities is here wide open for you.
Come and Dive into this amazing Mandala for your Life!
In the Crystal-Clear water of the Caribbean Ocean.


This RETREAT was an incredible success, get on the list for upcoming Retreats click here


Are you ready to uplevel yourself and support others to do so?

Say YES to this opportunity to dive deeper into your YOGA practice. This Immersion is for anyone who is ready to take their practice and life to the next level.
You will be Certified as a Yoga Teacher 200hrs and have a new view into the amazing world of YOGA and this LIFE!


Book Collaboration

A Retreat for your soul ~

This book contains stories of women who transformed their most profound difficulties into a source of strength that they now use to uplift and empower those around them.

One of the chapter was written by Lydie Ometto
- chapter entitle 'My Life Path as a Divine Conduit - Trusting in Your Choices'

Learn more & purchase your signed copy

 We had such a great time with these LIVE on Zoom Masterclasses, this is a GREAT opportunity for you to have this amazing knowledge and experiences ... 

A total of 6+ hours of pure content between the Four Masterclasses plus 2 hours of answers to questions from the Q&A portion.
Content from Dr. Lou Corleto, Lydie Ometto, plus guest speakers Dr. James Cardo, Dr. Erin O'Daniel, Mr. Aaron Johnson, and Dr. Jeffrey Baca
Also, PDF Resources with each class. All in a member's area where you will have access for a lifetime

Once again, the Masterclasses on the bundle are:
*Conscious Breathing Masterclass
*Conscious Movement Masterclass
*Conscious Languaging Masterclass
*Healing Sleep
Plus the bonus Recap for all the classes (with new information)

Click the link below for purchase of ALL the classes shared above

Masterclasses Bundle

OnLine Yoga Classes

You have the opportunity to connect with the teaching from the comfort of your home. Many opportunities for such, including through my YouTube Channel.
The time is always NOW to enhance your well-being-ness.