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Live in-person & virtual playshops, trainings, certifications,
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Breathwork, Energy awareness,
and a variety of Life's wisdom ways.

The Big Lies Series 'Wrap-Up' this is part 3 of  our FREE Training for You.

Thurs Feb 22nd at 7:30 pm EST

 As you know, knowledge is power. A lack of knowledge is a lack of power.

We will quickly review the 6 Big Lies we covered over the past 2 weeks and that we've been fed throughout our lives that have disempowered humanity and might still be impacting you.
As chosen by you our, communities.
1) God is outside of you
2) You can't heal yourself
3) You can't have the life of your DREAMS
4) You are NOT enough
5) You have to earn Love
6) Just follow the science (we'll unpack controlled by genetics here too)

Next, we'll bring forth the TRUTH so you can set YOURSELF FREE!!!.

We'll be sharing even MORE actionable steps you can implement daily to erase this type of programming and live fully empowered. And an extended Q&A portion to get your questions answered.

Abundant Blessings,
Lou & Lydie

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'TAO-Living Immersion'

4 Days Dive into Your-own-magical-self

TAO-Living (the art of living) Deep Dive will guide you to bust through the barriers and limiting beliefs which are preventing you from the success or heart-fulfillment you know you desire and surely deserve.

You will have GREAT support to:

* Transform your insecurities into confidence
* Learn to LOVE Yourself deep enough to say 'No' more often, and 'yesses' which support you wholly.
* Get off the 'doubts-fence' and claim your Voice/Life.
* Heal & resolve old wounds & traumas, so you no longer repeat old patterns.
* And so much more...

The world you desire it is real and possible - click here for 2024 Spring Immersion

Sacred Cacao Gathering Ceremony

MARCH 29th   FRIDAY 5:30 - 7:00pm

On our March SCGC we are diving into the theme of re-birth.
Rebirthing ourselves is an act of love, courage, desire and purpose.

Join us to celebrate life, be connected and supported by like-hearted-souls, receive the messages through mama cacao and your own inner guidance, and be nurture by the beams of light and love that always accompanies us during these Sacred Ceremonies.

On all the SCGC I have the privilege to guide and to bridge, I open to the Divine guidance with support from Light beings, when a variety of tools are utilized to assist healing & directions from/for your own divine self.
When approached this way, the ceremony will offer you opportunities to cultivate self-love, plus a greater expansion of your individual consciousness, and the collective consciousness.

This is a LIVE in-person Ceremony.
Happening in Johnson City - TN
*Details on location shared on registration link

On the 'know more' tab below you can read about health benefits of drinking ceremonial cacao.
'Donations are welcome and gratefully received'.
(suggested donation $25 cash) - thank you.

**Please register on the link below for further information
(the registration also supports us to know how much Cacao drink to hand-prepare) - thank you

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Breathwork Live Circles

Our BREATH is an incredible and extremely effective way to bring healing to our systems.
One of the best and easiest way to bring on healing to our systems is through the power of our own BREATH...
A sense of belonging & community is a huge cornerstone within the powerhouse of our own healing... 

Saturday March 30th 2:00 - 3:45pm

In this Breathwork session, we will be working with an intention for healing, to call back lost parts of our vitality and well-being, using the breath as a vehicle.
We will open the space with a gratitude heart based gentle motions, a focused guided meditation to drop into the heart, plus a moment to 'check in' internally before moving into the breathing.

** I will be keeping this group to a max of 10 people for closer attention and support.
Please reserve your space as soon as possible.

You will receive a more detailed email upon registering.
(+ support email after the event)

This session is $44 - early bird till 3/28 ONLY $39 
a gift of a lifetime to your own self!

Guided by Lydie Ometto - ryt500, Breathworker Practitioner

Live in-person in Johnson City, Tn
@ TCFLE (details on the registration form)

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Reflective writing & Restorative yoga - springtime!

After the AMAZING time we had early February
We are adding this class for mid Spring - more details coming soon!

Yoga and writing as wonderful tools for self-discovery and self-awareness.

You will explore freewriting and reflection within a beautiful combination with breath, gentle movements and stillness.
Through this yummy combination you will access your creativity and inner ideas with peace and ease.

'ALL details coming very soon!'

LIVE in-person (location details coming soon)
(read about your guides on the registration form)

Guided by Lydie Ometto & Betsy Weems

* 4.0 hrs. CEU for YOGA ALLIANCE members will be offered.
(3contact hours + 1 non-contact hour)

Spring details coming soon

Creative Flow Yoga Practice
- All levels

Through the art of weaving body movements, guided relaxation, breathwork, mindfulness, and body postures, we explore the realms of life through the realms of the body.
*You will connect with your own flexibility, strength, relaxation, resilience, awareness, presence, joy and a wild state of inner peace.

Taught by Betsy, Jan, Lydie & Cathy 
~ Wednesdays 

FEBRUARY/MARCH/APRIL schedule details below

Breathe Yoga Johnson City
207 West Unaka Ave.
**Reserve your space on the link, pay at studio or use your BreatheYoga card.

Ck Schedule n Reserve Your Space

Class & workshops will be guided by

Lydie Ometto

An Integrative Wellness Practitioner, a lifelong enthusiastic yoga therapist (c-iyt) and teacher (e-ryt500), an artist at heart, a creative physical & massage therapist, transformational wellness coach, breath worker and energy worker, and surely a lover in supporting people to live abundantly by seeing the unique beauty within themselves.

Lydie brings to her classes a mixture of classical Hatha and Integrative Yoga, with a creative knowledge on chakras, mudras, mantras, as well as an exquisite awareness on the expression of the asanas (postures). By weaving philosophy, life wisdom, meditation, guided relaxation and her love for Nature into the package, a total life realignment is experienced by her students, clients and anyone who connects to her sharing.

Guest teachers

All our wonderful upcoming guest instructors will be introduced here as their 'sharing' is on the schedule, so keep an eye on our schedule for updates.

** Is there anything in particular you desire to see on our 'scheduling page'?
Any theme to support you and yours to 'Live Healthy and Happy' please email me with your ideas ([email protected])

** All your amazing ideas will be 'taken to heart' and if your theme is chosen, you will receive a 'bonus coupon' for a complementary class.
As our gratitude to you.

Book Collaboration

A Retreat for your soul ~

This book contains stories of women who transformed their most profound difficulties into a source of strength that they now use to uplift and empower those around them.

One of the chapter was written by Lydie Ometto
- chapter entitle 'My Life Path as a Divine Conduit - Trusting in Your Choices'

Learn more & purchase your signed copy

OnLine Yoga Classes

You have the opportunity to connect with the teaching from the comfort of your home. Many opportunities for such, including through my YouTube Channel.
The time is always NOW to enhance your well-being-ness.