What a 'Pressure Washing Experience' taught me about Yoga & Life


Earlier this past week, I found myself embracing in the 'duty' of giving a 'face lift' to the steps and porch leading to our Yoga Studio through the magic of pressure washing.
Wow... what a precious time I found myself in!

I started 'the job' right after guiding a very precious group of students on our morning 'exploring our bodies yoga flow' needless to say, I was already in a high. Plus happy to be around (and many times enveloped in) all that delicious water in a day when the outdoor temperature was around 89F.
Patiently I began to watch the tired green mold from the long gone winter and last transformed spring move away and disappear through the fierce jets of water leaving behind the happy and bright wood face from underneath it. As the jet kept on uncovering that true wood essence, I observe in myself, how many times I needed a good and committed push to uncover my own self from the many debris I had acquire with time.

The cool thing about this process was that the pressure necessary for the 'debris cleansing" was directly related to the well-being of the wood, in other words, if I was unfocused and held too hard in one place, I would hurt the wood, but as I was precise, motivated and patient, the result was impeccable.This can surely serve me in a daily basis.

As I got the groove of it, I found myself in this beautiful meditative experience, where the mind was totally one focus and the body was guided in a magical flow. But then again, was I fully present in the whole experience or just hypnotized by it? The answer came when I felt a little side jet of water coming from an obscure place... opss, the water hose touched the pressure washer motor and a melted spot was showing its face, so time to re-connect with the 'whole picture'.
The gift of this moment was on re-checking the times I had disconnected from the overall focus in search of the one point experience and the beauty of knowing that true balance is a dynamic scale.

Another jewel of my pressure washing experience was observing the Divine gifts and nudges we all receive in a daily matter towards the awareness of taking care of our own bodies, oh well, I was soooo into the moving of the water, the flying of the mold, the shinning of the wood, that over two and a half hours had pass when I realized I had not stopped to hydrate my own inner body and the message came through the pressure washer needing desperately some extra fuel, hummmm.

Then on my next set of two and so hours, I made sure to stop off and on checking in within my own 'inner motor' and admire the surroundings, as more beauty was being expressed through each dance of the waters, as the tiny little particles were forming rainbows here, there and all around. And once more the reflection on the many moments in which I stop the go go of life and embrace the surrounding around me embracing the rainbows of nature, friends, family, love, joy, peace, music, dance, laughter, silence, beauty and much more!

Well, thank you for listening a bit of my pressure washing experience and looking forward to see or hear you enjoying the new 'stairway to yoga' either here at the studio or in your own inner stairway to Self.
May the moments of clearing, cleansing, moving, washing and transforming be joyful, productive and insightful.

In Yoga
Lydie Ometto

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