The Outer & Inner Seas


The amazing opportunity to dive deep down & in the oceans of planet Earth is such a marvelous gift from life.
Exploring the natural beauty through the diversity of life in forms, shapes, colors, sizes, motions is a delightful gratitude awareness.

Observing the daily flow of the incredible ocean's cohabitants. The beauty of an elegant ray sweeping the sandy bottom, the mischievousness of the angel fishes looking for the best place to shine, the excitement of the puffers while inflating self and get ready to 'fight', ahhhh the lion fish as he poses for a picture on a rope of a king and the speed of a parrot fish  while munching on some interesting corals.

Talking about corals, wow how many colors, shapes, mysteries, surprises they hold and they express. While you find the beauty and the gentle flow of sweet ocean passengers, you also experience the struggles for survival on moment by moment as they chase and get chased, as the surfer fishes take rides on bigger ones and on the next moment they might be the ride's favorite meal.    
Or as for a glance the shark considered one of the most fantastic creature, can become the most feared one !
And without forgetting the glow of the start fish which might get a time to shine or might get a moment to hide.

How do we see and interact with this amazing universe which surround us ? How do we care for and protect it ?
Are the jelly fishes beauty or sting? Are the turtle wisdom or 'slow pokes' ? Is the barracuda a 'carnivore' or a protector ? Are the octopuses fearful or intriguing ? How about the creatures of the 'deep', the creatures of the night, the ugly, the unknown, the joyful, the scared ones....where do they all fit ???

 As I go through those questions I realize the similarity or even the mirror image of our Outer and Inner Seas. The amazing beauty we have inside of Self, the mysteries, the excitements, the fears, the joyfulness, the mischievousness, the survival instincts, the multitask abilities (as the octopus), the ability to take rides and to be the ride, the giving and receiving of life, the wisdom and the constant desire to 'know', the struggles and the gentle flows, the 'deep & dark' and the 'light & easy'.

May we keep on diving, discovering and delighting within our own Inner and Outer Seas with respect, honoring, openness and truthfulness.
For a deeper exploration of Your Inner and Outer Seas - join me on the upcoming "Yoga & Dolphins Retreat" at the crystal Clear Waters of the Caribbean Ocean 

ps: No Scuba, only Snorkeling (anyone can join- no need for any levels of 'swimming expertise', just a heart's desire to explore your-self and the magic of the ocean & the gifts from the dolphins)

In joy and gratitude for this amazing Planet (in & out)

Lydie Ometto

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