'A Mandala for Life'

 Yoga, Dolphins, Energy, Light...

By connecting to the uniqueness of YOUR Energetic Field, Your Love, the Flows of Yoga, and the Sentient Support from the wild Dolphins... a new world of amazing possibilities is here wide open for you to experience and delight in.
Come & Dive into this amazing Mandala for your Life!

An unique IN-PERSON live experience
worth a lifetime of memories, embodiment & wisdom!

JULY 09 - 15, 2023


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Daily Yoga Practices

By connecting to our inner light through the practices of Yoga, meditation, visualization, mantras and more, we dive into our unique amazing selves, and so much from what this amazing practice has to offer us all.

Healthy & Nourishing Food

Everyday we are supported by fresh, healthy and nourishing food prepared with love and infused with light by the energies from the seas, the dolphins and mama nature herself.

Swim with Wild Dolphins

As the dolphins invite us to their world, they remind us that the foundations of life are Love, Playfulness and Sacred Wisdom. Together we join in the union from this profound wisdom.

This is a very special gift from You to You

“It's through curiosity and choosing for the opportunities given that we've always mapped our path.”

'A Mandala for Life' RETREAT - July 09-15, 2023 Energy-Love-Yoga-Dolphins

I invite you to jump in this incredible Journey and 'Embrace the Mandala for Your Life' Energy-Love-Yoga-Dolphins.... This 7 day immersion is a Deep Dive into the Energies of your InnerHeart... Through the assistance of the wild dolphins unconditional Love, the energetics from Yoga's wisdom, the healing waters from the Caribbean Ocean, and the connection to Like-Minded light souls... This unique Yoga & Dolphin Retreat is designed to reset your body-mind & spirit through healthy eating, movement awareness, guided visualization, playfulness, artful expression, energy connections, and deep heart-embraces with the Wild Dolphins as one pod, one heart... During our week together you dive into the teaching of the chakras, mantras, meditation, mudras, energy ceremonies, and more as gateways to a more creative and connected self. Lydie Ometto, and guest teachers utilize the ancient practices of Yoga, Breathwork, mindfulness, movement awareness, group connection and processes as they guide you on this deep journey into the 'Mandala of Your Life' - that place of Love-Peace-Joy-Lightness. Say yes to yourself, to like-minded and like-hearted people. Join us on this exploration of the inner oceans through the swims with the Dolphins and the energies of Atlantis! Come to Bimini to Reconnect with Your True Self... Your Inner Mandala of Love.


The Diving into Our True Selves will be supported by

• Daily Yoga Practices • Guided Meditation and Yoga Nidra • Clarity Breathwork session • Mantras and Mudras • Creative processes for inner connection • Swimming with wild dolphins • Alive and vibrant food • Celebrations of life • Connecting to the power of Mother Ocean & Father Skies • Sacred Fire Ceremony • Stories and legends • Artistic expressions • Opportunity to swim the Atlantis Road (explored by Jacques Cousteau) • Opportunity to explore the island on your own

What is included in your investment

  • 5 nights accommodation (double occupancy) at WQ Resort at the Island
  • Sunday night hotel (double occupancy) in Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • A waterfront Sanctuary at the Island
  • Transportation from and to Island airport to WQ Resort
  • 3 delicious and nutritious meals a day prepared with love
  • Daily yoga & meditation practices
  • 5 days out on the ocean waters – in the Catamaran – weather permitting
  • All group activities plus extra materials for them
  • Certificate of completion for Yoga Teachers (by request)
  • Complimentary use of bicycles & tandem bicycles
  • Plenty of clean water, healthy snacks & hot beverages all week
  • Complimentary use of kayaks
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What is NOT included in your investmanet

  • Your travel cost to and from Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Your Island Flight (from Fort Lauderdale and back)
  • Sunday night dinner in Fort Lauderdale and one Island dinner (to explore local cuisine)
  • Bahamas airport tax 
  • Upgrades for Private accommodation or ocean front
  • Gratuities for boat crew
  • Rental of snorkel equipment (if you bring your own – no charge)
  • Your own choice of travel insurance
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I invite you for this life mandala exploration

Be 1 within this amazing group of 21 awesome like-minded participants ~ hurry since 19 spaces are already reserved on 'Mandala for Your Life' Journey - Energy-Love-Yoga-Dolphins - **our last Retreat was sold out 4 months before the event ** This is your time - Your opportunity to honor and care for YOU! This amazing JOURNEY is an investment in YOU and your amazing life, for ONLY $2,395 *** check out below the quick video for one of our previous Retreat (ps: date spoken from previous retreat)


I am excited to explore with you the wisdom from the dolphins, the power of nature's energies, and the gifts from yoga's wisdom while bathing in the crystal waters of the Caribbean Ocean

click below to reserve your space - and be one of the 21 amazing participants in this Journey - 19 spaces already reserved - your time is now - YOU Deserve it JULY 09-15, 2023 - Click on the LINK BELOW and JOIN US

Your Guides on this Journey:
Lydie Ometto

An Integrative Wellness Practitioner, a lifelong enthusiastic yoga therapist (c-iyt) and teacher (e-ryt500), an artist at heart, a creative physical & massage therapist, transformational mastery coach, breathworker, Reiki master, energy worker, and surely a lover in supporting people to live abundantly by seeing the unique beauty within themselves.

Lydie brings to her classes a mixture of classical Hatha and Integrative Yoga, with a creative knowledge on chakras, mudras, mantras, as well as an exquisite awareness on the expression of the asanas (postures). By weaving philosophy, life wisdom, meditation, guided relaxation, energy expansion, shamanic ceremonies, and her love for Nature into the package, a total life realignment is experienced by her students, clients and anyone who connects to her sharing.
More about Lydie here

For Yoga Teachers registered with Yoga Alliance
a total of 16 CEU hours will be offered

You can contact her for more information [email protected]  or +1423-914-0481

Guest Presenters

During the week special guest presenters will be showering their gifts with us, this way we all can expand our Mandala of Love throughout our own Lives.

The incredible WildQuest team

WildQuest crew. Kind, knowledgeable, full of heart and very friendly. The team is expert in taking care of your every need, on the boat and on land. More like friends in a ‘human pod’, the crew, have been working together for many years, with one goal: to create a Sacred Journey into the dolphins’ world, for you to meet the majesty of the ocean and most importantly, the sacred within you.

You will love meeting them all and creating memories to you and yours :)

Enjoy flying to the island, being 'energetically kissed by a dolphin' and taking a swim with many through this delightful video!

Video by Lou Corleto in one of his and ours many journeys diving and connecting with these MAJESTIC beings of Light!


Most Frequent Asked Questions

* Do we sleep on the catamaran?

NO, you will sleep in a wonderful bed in a safe room on the island WQ resort.

* Can the chef prepare meals for my dietary needs?

Yes, we will gather that information from you after you register, then make sure your meals are prepared to suit your dietary needs.

* Do I need to bring a Yoga mat and props?

if you desire to have your personal mat with you, bring on. The facility/resort provides mats and props.

* As a yoga teacher do I receive CEU's for this retreat?

YES, you will receive 16 CEU hrs approved by yoga Alliance International (per request)

* Can I receive more information on accommodations, insurance and so on?

Absolutely, as soon as you register you will receive an amazing document filled with all type of information

* Is there an age limit?

Yes, 13 years and up.

* If I need to ask a quick question where do I go?

You can contact Lydie Ometto [email protected] or call/text/whatsapp +1423-914-0481

 PS: Want to chek in MORE details on the dolphins + more exciting videos.... CLICK HERE

Sweet Love

"The best thing in life is to go ahead with all your plans and your dreams, to embrace life and to live everyday with passion, to lose and still keep the faith and to win while being grateful". ~ Charlie Chaplin


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