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I would like to share here a perspective I had in nature which I feel will give great insights to you as well. It has served many of my students with whom I passed this on to. I trust your life will be enriched when these insights are applied.

Recently, I was standing underneath a garland of very tall and majestic trees on the core of the winter season. As I looked up onto their bare canopies I noticed the amazing designs they were tracing on the fore front of this midday blue sky. 
As I kept on observing, a strong wind blew by and the tall trees, strong on their own being, performed this incredible dance where flexibility and grace were mesmerizing me.
Can you sense the moment? …I personally can relive it every time I share this.

It was at that moment when I brought back into my awareness two beautiful words which I learned through my studies of the Yoga Sutras, the 2 words are: Sthira & Sukha* , which can be translated as steadiness and ease or on this example of the trees as stable/grounded or relaxed/flexible. 

As I observed the tall trees with so much power within their own presence and stability over the soil of mother Earth, I felt in awe on their incredible flexibility and ease to adapt onto the quick shifts of their environment and to embrace into a pure state of balance during the sudden transition from a still moment to a brisk windy environmental expression.

I invite you to expand through your own lens this insight of 'easing into balance'. How in your own everyday life can you find that space of strength and ease, stability and flexibility, grounded and relaxed. And where can you enhance or expand this balanced awareness in your life, maybe in your thought patterns, maybe during action taking or maybe on your own observations of life.

I just know that for my own balance, this understanding or thriving to grow in the understanding of sthira & sukha is essential and humbling. And I desire with all my heart that this insightful sutra can support and shine some light in your own beautiful life, as it keeps on shining in mine.

Love to hear the insights from your own lens :-)

With strength and ease

In Sutra 2.46 of Yoga Sutra of Patanjali: sthira-sukham asanam. - this is commonly translated as “posture (asana) [should be] stable (sthira) and comfortable (sukha),” but is more literally translated as “resolutely abide in a good space.”

Lydie Ometto 


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