Choosing to be happy


This was placed on the front door of a healing center in a small town in Brazil.

The ‘cold’ drips down when the body is holding on to its tears.

The sore throat tightens when we cannot communicate our afflictions.
The stomach burns when the anger is not been released.
The diabetes expresses itself when loneliness hurts.

The body gets overweight when dissatisfaction overwhelms. 

Headaches appear when doubts increase.

The heart gives in when the meaning of life is obscure.

Allergies show up when to be perfect becomes intolerable.

The nails break when the self-defenses become threatened.

The chest tightens when we slave self by pride.

Blood pressure heightens when fear imprisons.

Neurosis paralyze when the ‘inner child’ is abused.
Fever burns when the emotional defenses explode the immunity horizons.
Harvesting always comes after planting…
Pay deep attention in what you are planting, since your harvesting is inevitable.

PS: Normally the ‘symptoms’ show up days or months after the “happening”, so check in what has been disturbing you and let it out by talking with friends, a professional if you choose, by feeling it, expressing it and choosing to move to that place of health and healing!....and surely smile, smile more and more 

Wishing health, healing and the choice for inner peace, remember that your life is fully depended on your choices!!!
"Choose to Be Happy"
Thank you for reading, have a fabulous LIFE
Lydie Ometto

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