Choose the Retreat that support your needs, choices and desires... that can be one hour, a day, a weekend, or even an entire week.

Caring for Self is the Best investment ever, 
and you know you are worthy of all goodness!


 “Our bodies are our gardens,
our wills are our gardeners.“ 
~ Shakespeare

Welcome to 'Retreat YourSelf'

Here you will find some of our Upcoming Retreats. There are International Retreats, Nationally and On-Line.
All the retreats are well formulated to support your overall health, vitality, joy, and the balance of your body-mind-spirit

The Art of YOGA

Learn the intrinsic teachings of Yoga philosophy and their applications in daily life

Awakened Vitality

Learn how to harvest your own inner energy to express your innate vitality 

Yoga & wild Dolphins

Embrace the joys of communion with Nature, Self and Life within in depth, raw and exquisite ways

Book Collaboration

A Retreat for your soul ~

This book contains stories of women who transformed their most profound difficulties into a source of strength that they now use to uplift and empower those around them.

One of the chapter was written by Lydie Ometto - chapter entitle 'My Life Path as a Divine Conduit - Trusting in Your Choices'

Learn more & purchase your signed copy

Retreat for an hour as you watch this inspiring FB Live conversation with Yukiko Amaya & Lydie Ometto

Join Priestess Yukiko Amaya in conversation with Lydie Ometto, and explore / experience the beauty and power of this amazing world we inhabit.

Lydie is a Yogini, Energy Worker, Reiki Master, Breathworker amongst many other things. She also swims regularly with wild dolphins. 

Here we spread Goddess consciousness where all life is respected, into the world.

Enjoy the video of this live conversation happened on  Yukiko FB page 'My Goddess Path' 


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