How to Be present in only ONE minute



How to ground into the present moment, be focused, embrace joyfulness, gain a bit more stamina, feel a sweet space of openness, applaud creativity, and get a quick elevation in your health in just ONE minute, yes ONE minute?

As you start watching the 1 minute video above, make sure you FULLY follow the guidance, by mirroring ‘the teacher’… in actions, state of ‘being-ness’, ‘coolness’ ;)

ALSO, as you follow the video, notice the feelings within your body… observe the benefits of this simple action(s) in you.
AFTER you complete the ONE minute video, observe your overall state of being…
IF you need to watch it over and over, PLEASE do it! YOU DESERVE TO FEEL AWESOME 

(click the video above again ;) )

YES, you deserve to feel yourself in the present moment; you deserve to embrace into a space of joyfulness; you deserve to feel openness and rejoice in creativity; you deserve to be healthy; you deserve to BREATHE.

You deserve your Love to You.

More and more times you embrace spaces of joy, awe, presence, focus, creativity, gentleness, kindness, ‘cuteness’, openness, ‘breath’; more you are opening yourself to LIFE, to NOW, to HEALTH, to LOVE.

Breathe In…Breathe Out…Breathe In…Breathe Out…repeat…repeat…repeat…

With sooooo much love
Lydie Ometto

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