What is LOVE?


Love is a Might Power.

It is the energy of life. It bring us into life and sustains us while we live and breathe.
Love is an energy, not a substance. It is essence, not matter. You can not contain it; you can not put it in a box, but you can feel it, you can taste it, and know it. Its presence is unmistakable. It is exquisite and profound.      
And when you are expressing love, nobody, not your best friend, your parents or even your own mind can talk you out of it.

Love is mysterious and beautiful. it makes us happy, gives us hope, allows us to believe that the impossible can happen.
And yet, it is inexplicable. it can not be defined or analyzed, cataloged or priced. Its premier property is that when it exists, it can never be mistaken for anything else, and nothing else, no matter how worthwhile or supposedly grand, can ever be passed off as love.

Love is a divine energy that steps into human circumstances, a timeless essence that enters time. It is older, wiser, finer, truer, sweeter, and more radiant than any human being itself. It is what makes us wise, fine, true, sweet, and radiant. It is best - the essence of God - in us.                                                        ~ Daphane R. Kingma

May we feel the amazing 'essence of God' in us and express it unconditionally; as we express out we are also bringing in!

Have a magnificent day
~ Namaste

Lydie Ometto


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