Trust to 'Let Go' and Enjoy the Ride


     During my morning walking today, which I love doing in a beautiful nature park close to home, my attention was directed to this awesome grandfather filled with a great  amount of patience, giving his all to teach his grandson the joys of riding a bicycle with no training wheels.
     Initially it was visible the fear and hesitance from the little one in taking his foot away from the ground; balance wasn't there and the ground looks way too hard for a fall down, and besides that, the unknown of only two wheels was a bit frightening.

But little by little grandfather's love, care and support was like a magic wand on the boy's body awareness and strength, and a small distance of terrain and several pedaling turns was manifesting inch by inch as the new rider's trust was increasing, the new perspective of freedom was widening and their faces were happily softening.  

After many interesting maneuvers, turns, swerves, sweats... it happened ! Yes, the little one just took off like a pro, he allowed to let go and let be and there it was, the most beautiful face of joy, happiness and yahoo!!! At that moment he was conquering the world, his world.

    What a contentment blossomed from grandfathers heart, feeling and expression, to the point that there was I clapping and cheering for both of them with my own heart filled with that contagious sense of joy and achievement.
    As I continued my walk, deep inside I was expressing a big heart of appreciation for the constant life's reminders as I tuned to my gratitude for care and support around me, for the power of our inner trust to jump on and venture through new ways, for soul strength and determination to let go and let be and for all the love that is constantly all around.

    May I and Us always remember of those gifts of life which come wrapped in the beautiful angels of our lives, family, friends, teachers, students, neighbors, animals, nature...the Divine in All.

~ Namaste~
with love and gratitude
Lydie Ometto

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