The Art of Being Present


 Being Present in all moments open the door to experiencing life within a sacred reality, the life of the soul and of other souls, the life that is emerging from within, the life of the Divine within time and space. 

Being in the Present enables us to participate in each moment without preconditions, anticipating the new, letting go of the old, and rejoicing in what is possible with others as the eyes of the soul awaken.

Being present in the moment does not just mean taking part fully in the external situation that may be happening, whether it is a crisis, a conversation, or a life-event that evokes feelings. It means bringing one's whole Self to that moment, including all the threads of love, wisdom, and relationship that are part of the self.

To be present in the moment is to exist in it with the full integrity of one's being. Here, all relationships are honored and all love is intact. Respect for life is integrated with the totality of what may be happening on the outer level.

Being present means being present to what is inside as well as to what is outside. This is a way of existing in the fullness of who you are. It is a great learning and surely a great task of pure consciousness. 

How are you "Being in the Present" in all moments of your life ?

Take a deep Breath and Feel !

Much love and present-ness


Lydie Ometto


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