MANA - Energy flows

Yesterday while connecting with a client, I reached for one of my 'wisdom cards deck', this particular one was 'Mana Cards - The Power of Hawaiian Wisdom' - A beautiful deck gifted to me during a trip to Hawaii last year.

My client intuitively choose a card which was #4 - MANA, the essential energy for life. That energy/force that is neither good or bad, it just is, and it is everything...
As we explored deeper, MANA is also the representation of thought, mind and breath. As you breathe you think, as you think you breathe.

Why am I sharing this with you today?
Well, as life is constantly presenting itself into every moment, MANA is there ebbing and flowing constantly, so are we ebbing and flowing within our own individual and collective lives.

My question to you is, how are you embracing with MANA? How are you allowing your breath breathe you? kindly or nervously?

As the MANA card reminds us to mind our thoughts and our breath, and that wisdom reflects in the knowingness that a calm mind is a wise mind, and an aware breath is a wise breath, I invite you to tag along in a quick and easy way to bring in the wisdom of MANA to support your life and a healthy ebb & flow of your own energy. 

Find a comfortable position (either seated on a cushion, chair or even laying down on your back), take a gentle in-breath through your nostril in a count of 5, guiding the flow through your abdomen, then with soft lips, allow the out-breath to release through the mouth in a count of 6.
This is a very calming breath, so allow a state of peace and gentility to embrace you as you repeat this in and out breath for either 10 breaths or 3 minutes.

Notice the difference you feel within your state of MANA-energy and also notice the state of MANA around you.

I truly support you to gift yourself with this energy (MANA) balancing breath quite often, specially when any small or large 'chaotic mind state' is present.

Be well, Healthy and Peaceful



In Health and Vitality

Lydie Ometto


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