Buoyance & Lightness

Many of you might remember those times when you were at the lake, pool or calm ocean and your body asked you to just float, allowing all the body actions to subside and just float in a weightlessness moment of being.
Ah! I totally love that sensation.

Being underwater, and embodying a scuba gear, this sensation is reflected on the connection to buoyance, one of the skills necessary not only to calmly enjoy the underwater views, also to protect the reef and Marinelife.
By being 'in buoyance', you allow your body to find that sweet space of feeling suspended, where gravity, nor your body weight is in competition to the environment.

When there are only the sensations of lightness - weightlessness - and the letting go!!!

How can we translate to our daily living the buoyant feeling, or at least a bit of the joy from those sensations of 'not carrying any weight at all', the allowing of tensions and heaviness to go, and the moment when the experience is pure lightness?

Ah, that is a 10k answer, and I support you to experience a bit of this sensation by diving into this quick guidance, and practicing it as you feel the desire to 'float'...

I will write a guidance flow where you can practice getting into this feeling in your daily life...keep on reading...

Take a moment to read it and then find a space to practice this flow.

Find yourself in a comfortable laying down position where your back is supported by a semi-soft surface (maybe a bed, flat sofa or flat cushion - your supported surface). If you feel the need, place a pillow under your knees in order to allow your back to soften even more.

Close your eyes, inner visualize and feel your body sinking deeper into the surface underneath you, feeling the back of your head letting go towards the supported surface, dropping any tension or tightness...allow your eyes to soften underneath the eye lids, as if they follow the relaxation of the head, and even give permission to all your facial muscles let go from any gripping...
The muscles internally to your mouth soften, the throat soften... the chest, both shoulders relax towards the supportive surface....your hands and fingers let go even a bit more...your belly soften so much allowing the back to drop more and more to the cushion, your buttocks release...your inner thighs softens, your knees release more and more from any engagements...the lower legs, feet and toes relax...the arch of your feet relax even more bringing a double dose of relaxation to your entire legs...a deeper relax feeling on your pelvic area allow your hips to soften deeper... and more you relax, more you find little spaces calling for even a deeper relaxation...you allow, you relax, you let go ...and you soften...soften...soften... you float in this weightlessness feeling...

Enjoy this feeling for as long as you desire.
repeat anytime you call for a bit more feelings of 'lightness'

May you find lightness, weightlessness and tranquility moments anytime you call for and truly choose them.
It is always within you
Dive IN.


Lydie Ometto



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