Are You a reflection of Nature... Is Nature a reflection of You ?


   Two days ago during one of my "nature watching moments" I caught myself mesmerized with 3 bunnies playing and running around on a field of wild grass, showing no signs of fatigue, worries or fear. Surely the presence of predators in the wild is inevitable, but at that particular moment they were totally and completely immersed in the magic of the now.

Suddenly I observe my thoughts (and being on the 7th day of a body cleanse, I feel a bit more in-tune with my thoughts, feeling and awareness of what is going on inside of me and around me) and within the flow of thoughts, the question of prime importance was, 'Am i being fully present within each moment of my day?'

As quite often I say, share and hear  within the practice of Yoga "...feel your body grounding on Earth, feel and sense the Earth, feel Nature, breathe in to the awareness of being the reflection of Nature, as Nature is the reflection of you..."
With that in mind, being me the reflection of Nature how much during my day do I feel light as the clouds, strong as the rain, rooted as the oak tree, flexible as the willow, bright as the sunflower, wild as the open ocean, determined as the humming bird ?

Well, you got the point. Leaping from here to Nature as reflection of me/us, I keep on observing the overall planet Earth's weather patterns lately, wild tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, torrential floods, massive landslides, drought and so on.

From the perspective of Nature as reflection of us, are we as a race creating so much internal and external turmoil bringing about inner and outer destruction? Are we massively polluting our inner temples and all the layers of mother Earth resulting in a massive 'internal shaking' in efforts to detox 'the gunk'? Are we firing our emotions beyond boundaries and spilling major rage and smoke only as a way of not internally imploding or are we literally spinning in circles without direction and creating vortex of untamed reactions?

Maybe beyond the limits of saying, sharing and listening on the reflections of Nature in us and us in Nature we can take it deeply to the core, the core of Self, the core of communities, the core of Nations and maybe, just maybe as we take the proper actions on the efforts of cleansing in and cleansing out, we as individuals will be able to not only reflect but truly embrace the peace of a sunset over the lake, taste the vibrancy of the orange right from the tree, own the courage of the tiger, acknowledge the wisdom of the turtle and the patience of the ostrich's egg.

And from that inner detox we assist on mother Earth care and cleanse so she will be embracing her on transformational /weather flows within a more and gentle ease.

Well, a thought just a thought!
Have a great day and enjoy the eyes and the mirrors of Nature on your daily path !
Lydie Ometto

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