A simple view of our magnificent body


"Learning never exhausts the mind" ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Besides many other quotes from the master Leonardo da Vinci, who I personally have an immense admiration, this one above has supported me within many of my endeavors through the highways of learning.

One in particular has been the learning and understanding of the human body, yes the many aspects of it; from the basic and raw anatomy & physiology, to the mental & analytical roller-coasts , emotional & energetic flows, and consciousness & spiritual upgrading(s).

On this Blog today I am focusing on the beautiful rawness of our anatomy, yes our bones and flesh, the magnificent engineering of muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and all the goodies from our flesh in supporting our skeletal structure to come alive, as we dance through life.

In every and each movement we perform, from a quick sneeze to a shalabasana posture - our locust pose during a yoga class (the pose pictured above), the nervous system activates an incredible amount of pushing and pulls, turns and twists, contractions and relaxations through a series of quick and precise commands.
And surely the nervous system doesn't stop to analyze for hours if that is the right or wrong way to move, it just trust, fire and go... and there you go... you are moving, grooving and expressing your you-ness.

Have you taken a moment today of gratitude for your incredible nervous system and it's capability to animate your flesh and bones?
If you haven't, I support you to give a pause on this reading, and do just that, take that moment of appreciation - without analyzing for hours, just trust, connect and bow :) 

As another quote from 'da Vinci' comes to mind ~ "Learn how to see - Realize that everything connects with everything else", though this one I invite you to remember that this magnificent body of yours is here to assist you to see, and support you in the realization that everything is connected, and connection is everything.

May you connect today with the joys of feeling your feet on this Earth, and the aliveness of your sweet heart beats.

with so much Love,

Lydie Ometto



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