A good 'dirty work' as Nature speaks!

I would guess you agree with me that there are so many ways to connect with the interpretation of our feelings, emotions and perspectives, correct?

As we keep on 'loving up' the Land and preparing it for the upcoming event, the feelings within long hours of sweat, heavy lifting, precision focus, new ways of 'figuring s*** out', discoveries, and a good amount of body-mind-soul motions; narrows down in a mixture of exhaustion, exhilaration, and gratitude for health, support and life.
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As Lou and I opened new trails, repurposed the 'down trees' from the last couple of storms, freed space for the ponds to thrive, and a plethora of tasks...insights in life are surely what did not lack!

During one of our 'working the land' days, I received 2 loving hands & one big heart to assist on the flows. And let me tell you, the work is truly a 'dirty' one, meaning, expect to be dirty from toenails to scalp, or vice-versa if you wish.
She comes in early in the morning, right on time, and after some 'extra-dressing' we head on to the tasks ahead.

It was the first time that she used a chain saw.
First time she worked with a woodchipper.
First time she managed the wood splitter.
First time she used a machete.
First time she got 'that dirty' in the field...

After about 5 hours of digging deeper into the flows, sweating, laughing, learning, trying on, readjusting, 'cutting wood and carrying water' we stop for some nourishment, and it was when I asked her the question... what is your biggest aha moment for the day so far?
And her answer was, 'how humble I feel with the work'.

And as we together distilled this answer, we connect to:
Humble for the mighty power of Nature,
Humble for doing so much and looking around and recognizing her grandiosity,
Humble to the focus and attention the work requires,
Humble for saying YES to going for it and learning, growing and discovering so much more about self.
Humble to connect with Nature and man-made tools, and acknowledge how much they both teach,
Humble for the innate power we hold within ourselves,
Humble for the guidance which Nature gives over and over, even when blisters, body soreness and 'yes I did it' are the ultimate rewards,
Grateful for the lessons, the deep connection with Nature in all its' facets,
Grateful for health, and for the choices to 'get dirty', 'get stronger', and transform.

And right now, as I write to you, I reflect on a moment I had yesterday, when I was literally 'feeling I could not do it any longer', as I was down into the feeling, the stone shown on the picture below came right to my hand, at that moment I took a breath, and I was reminded that transformation is truly LOVE. 
Love to know who I am, love to honor the 'dirty work', love to extend 'the love' to others, love to dig into my strength and open a new amazing universe within, love to be alive and be held by the Earth, love to receive the Divine messages!

Thank you so much for 'journeying here' with me and getting down to the earth!

Join us for the upcoming event which e are adding SO MUCH LOVE to:
'TAO-The Art of Living Experience'
4 days of Immersion into YOU.

You will be diving in a variety of tools to support you to dig deeper and connect to your own inner source of life's abundance!

Say YES to you and to this experience to be supported, guided and accompanied during your actions of 'digging gold within yourself and expanding your health, strength, awareness, inner-power, light, and surely love'.

We have a fantastic group of folks joining us, and we do have couple of spaces still available.

Register here!

Have any questions please reach out!

And remember, 'getting dirty' is where the jewel is found!

In so much LIGHT!

Lydie Ometto


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