White Feather


She drops like a soft dream through the blue skies, as I look up I see her trajectory as a gentle swing moving with the speed of my thoughts; calm and slow at this very moment.

I don't know who she belongs to; I just know that this elegant white feather brings memories of a time when tickles and giggles were ever present.

I can feel the softness of her; I touch her smoothness onto my bare face.
White feather you bring lightness to my world, to my words, to my being.

My ears remember the sounds from my pen moving carefully over the wide brown paper, as you, white feather danced and ran after every word, one by one, patiently.

White feather you are wise, you carried my memories through the blue skies, memories from my words, my voice, my fantasies, my world.

Rest white feather, rest over this green soft grass, you have danced much through the pages, throughout the stories, the skies, the magic, the possibilities.

Rest dear one. I am grateful for you. Rest now!


Lydie Om.



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