Aug 1-7, 2021

Meeting your TRUE Self RETREAT

An intimate group of 20 people on a secluded  tropical island
(ohhh and wild Dolphins too)
Guided by dr. Louis Corleto

If you want a different life, you must learn to interact differently within and around ...

How are you piloting your life?
What feedback are you receiving to correct your course?
How often do you check your guidance system?
Do you even have a guidance system?
Where is your destination?
When are you going to get there?
Are you currently off course?
How long have you been off course?
How would you know if you were on the right course?
How can you minimize the turbulence and other conditions distracting your path?
We’ll help you get clear on these AND implement new high level strategies too.
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Love the opportunity to be sharing some Yoga during this insightful Retreat with dr. Lou Corleto